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10-05-2015, 06:07
I mentioned in a previous post that steering assist keeps turning itself on when I enter a race.

In my haste to play the game I simply selected amateur level when I first started the game so maybe it's designed to do this but can someone please advise me how I change from amateur to another difficulty level?

As an aside I found some setting that made the BMW GT3 car totally drivable with the pad but this gets destroyed in the actual race with steering assist on.

I played this on my brothers setup yesterday, race seat,full wheel and pedal setup, and this game came alive like no other when used in this way, so underneath all the initial problems there beats a truly great racer, it just needs a little help to get there for the rest of us with controllers.

I have been playing racing type games since Deathrace on the ZX Spectrum, through all of Geoff Crammond's GP series and the superb Papyrus Racing games (and everything since) so I have some experience with these games and I think this game can stand proud with the likes of these given time providing the dev's commit to it.

Please advise if possible how I switch off steering assist for the race,

Many thanks.

10-05-2015, 09:09
Hi Numbrsix, not sure why your settings stay fixed on like that but i think there could be a workaround for that, if you go to settings in the my profile tab you can manually assign buttons to turn on the assists. try maybe mapping the steering assist so when you press down on the analogue stick it turns it on/off?

Hope this helps

10-05-2015, 12:17
Nice idea mate thanks for the reply, I fixed it in the end by deleting my profile and starting again from the Pro setting and this has fixed the issue.