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10-05-2015, 06:12
Good morning.
Sorry for my English, I write from Italy.
I purchased Project Cars, for PS4, after months of waiting ...:(

Background: I play in "driving simulators" always and I never had a thing.
Your game suffers from obvious problems with the use of joipad with PS4 ...:mad:

In fact the title, with the use of the steering wheel, that's great, but if I try to configure the steering in any way, through my joipad, and I refer to the "dead zone" and the "feel" of turning the joipad, the game is absolutely impossible to ride!:culpability:
I would like to know, please, as to be set, so "Project Cars" becomes unusable and unplayable!
I tried dozens of different settings and nothing to do.

Not everyone can spend 600 euro for a steering wheel ...

Let me know if you are aware of this problem will be solved soon and if using a patch, I read on various forums that many complain about the same problem, and the problem also affects the Xbox One Game!
Then you can not ignore the problem.

If I will not be solved soon I will have to return the game to Amazon, for me it would be a great disappointment ...

Pcars Driver 44
10-05-2015, 06:24
Hi darkfenor this has been highlighted many times in other posts! The team have said they are on with it so finger crossed?I know it is frustrating I have same problem on Xbox One. I have read if you reinstall the game it can cure the problem ( Im currently doing this now) I've looked at someone's replays who said he did this and he's driving the car fine! Worth a try I suppose.

10-05-2015, 09:33
Moved to PS4 Support Forum.

You are more likely to get help here.

10-05-2015, 11:59
Try these settings as they seem to work for me using the controller.
Steering dead zone. 0
Steering sensitivity. 20
Throttle dead zone. 0
Throttle sensitivity. 20
Brake dead zone. 0
Brake sensitive. 20
Clutch dead zone. 0
Clutch sensitivity. 45
Speed sensitivity. 25
Controller filtering. 65
FFB. 100
Rpm. NO
Input mode. 3
Advance. On
Soft steering dampening On
Visual filtering. Off
Opposite lock help. Off