View Full Version : Thrustmaster T500RS+TM28 Addon not working

10-05-2015, 08:00
I use t500rs on my ps4 and just got my TM28 Leather Wheel Addon. After attaching to rhe base I recognized that some buttons are not working with pcars and the right shifter padel is not, too.
When using the left pedal it says "multiple inputs detected, no finction will be mapped".
Did I do something wrong or is that a known issue? Does anyone have a similar setup? Btw I use the H-Shifter TH8a, too and that is working.
Maybe someone can test this and tell me if its working?
Regards, Mitsch

Hello again!
I checked a FIRMWARE UPDATE and now it is working. You need a PC to do this!!!
It is v43 that you can get from the Thrustmaster homepage. They should have put a notice to the TM28 Addon package to inform about the necccessary update!
People using a console usually don't bother about drivers and firmwares so maybe you can make this a sticky thread, or inform on the hardware thread for PS4 in the thrustmaster section.
Have a nice day on the road everybody!
Regards, Mitsch