View Full Version : AI cars and hot laps

10-05-2015, 10:30
When qualifying you have to give way for the AI guy on a hot lap otherwise you get a penalty (fair enough), but the AI dont bother getting out of your way when on a hot lap. Had so many laps spoilt with the AI getting in the way when just leaving the pits

g33k hack3rs
11-05-2015, 16:44
That seems to be an unfair advantage to the AI drivers. Hopefully something that can be addressed with a patch once the higher priority items are fixed.

11-05-2015, 18:23
It was unrealistic how the game penalties for marginal track leaving. in the most cases you have no advantage special in the offline modes. In other cases you can drive 10 meters with all 4 wheels outside of the track (watkins glen). Have nothing to do with real praxis. And it be frustrating with the hypersensitive x1 pad.