View Full Version : App keeps closing back to home. (otherwise love it)

IRON Sticky
10-05-2015, 10:44
I know we have had plenty of threads on here complaining and whining but frustration has gotten to me with this issue.

BUT......After 10 mins Practice and 15 mins Qualifying I get 2nd position on the starting grid in my Aston Martin.

GT3 on Spa in an online 18 lap race, Lap 8, I am leading 9 cars +6.3secs ahead of 2nd place and then the suddenly screen goes black and the app closes back to the home screen.

I know the devs have a list of issues they are working on but this has happened to me on 5 occasions and I hope this is sorted within the next patch as it is the biggest issue for me.

In love with this game and have been mostly enjoying GT3 class online and have had some fantastically close races.

Hopefully see you on the track and thank you for reading me vent some minor frustration.

HLR Joker
10-05-2015, 10:55
This happens with xbox one a lot, its reported to be memory loss. Basically too much loaded into cache.
Do a 'hard reset' and you should resolve this.
Hold down console power button on front, it will beep after about ten seconds then shut system down. Remove power lead from rear of console. Now go have a coffee or tea for five minutes.
Return the power cable to rear of system, wait two minutes.
Now power up as normal, you should get the green xbox splash screen which will take a moment to load dashboard.
Now cache is cleared and you should be able to continue gaming.


10-05-2015, 11:11
Happened a couple of times to me on PS4 yesterday, it is frustrating but I can live with it.

I think it anyone like me bought Driveclub on day 1 they would also think that the online aspect of pCars is pretty perfect ;)