View Full Version : Browsing FanChat using Thrustmaster T300RS

10-05-2015, 10:46
Hey all,

Just a minor query.

In career mode, how can I scroll up and down the FanChat "Tweets" using my Thrustmaster T300RS?

It says use (R) to scroll, but I can't scroll with my controller either.

Thanks in advance.

10-05-2015, 14:54
Yeah, this happened to me too. Even had this problem on a practice session, when I am on my garage seeing the chronos of the session, I can't go down on the list of drivers due to this. On the right side of list there are an icon of the right stick of dualshock 4, but the wheel doesn't have sticks.

10-05-2015, 15:13
+1 we need a solution to this

10-05-2015, 15:44
It seems there are a fair few little things like this that they need to sort out. more important for being able to scroll through laptimes. the fan tweets can be scrapped altogether if you ask me... its a nice idea for about 5 minutes, then just seems to feel abit naff

15-05-2015, 16:50
There is no way to move the camera to take pictures if you use the thrustmaster T300 on ps4, no way to scroll some menus, and if you try to use the controller, it doesn't work. Don't try to unplug the wheel as it crash when you put it back. PS4 version of this game was not tested at all, there are so many bugs. So to help I can say on ps4 it is not possible to use controller and wheel alternating them like it was with ps3.

16-05-2015, 00:14
Me to was wondering were the hell that R button was :P
Pretty dumb you cant use the Controller (Or Keyboard) with a wheel.