View Full Version : Sakitto, 20 cars, 00:00, thunderstom... technical problems.

10-05-2015, 12:25
WMD: If you want to iron out the bugs, go to Sakitto, 20 cars, set the time to 00:00 and the weather to thunderstorm, and start from there. What an absolute MESS!

I thought something was wrong with my game, so i set the opponent cars to 0, weather to clear and time to 12:00 and the game was fine again. I think this game itself gets confused with whats actually wrong with it!

Im counting down the minutes till these patches come out, if only they had released this flaw free. It would definitely of been one of the greatest racing games of all time! Definitely a missed opportunity. Thank the lord for Forza 6 coming out, pCars will have to do until then.