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10-05-2015, 13:04
Had a good play with the settings now and the below works on the focus rs and most others, you can feel the curbs now and doest feel too heavy!

People who have the master FFB on 100 I don't understand?

See below for the settings I have used for a Thrustmaster t300rs

General FFB strength. I've got this on just:55.
Output strength of the FFB to the wheel after it has been calculated by the FFB engine. This is basically the final 'volume' adjustment of the FFB. This means that if the FFB is clipping, turning the FFB strength down won't help anymore.

Tyre Force::I have this on 125.
This is the strength of the tyre contribution to the FFB, which is also the main contributor to the FFB. If the FFB is too high or too low for all cars, you can adjust this value to get it equally stronger/weaker for all cars.

The car-specific settings_______________________________________________________________________________________________
These you want to adjust when the FFB of one car is good while for the next car it's too weak or strong (or has a wrong subjective balance of the individual force contributors).

Spindle Master Scale: I have this on 88.
this scales the forces below it equally up and down, i.e. it's the FFB 'volume knob' specifically for that car. Turn it down if the FFB is clipping, and up if it's too weak.

Fx: I have this around 65
this is the FFB component representing the longitudinal force on the tyre contact patch. This should determine FFB when accelerating or braking, but I haven't really experimented with this one yet.

Fy: I have this around 65
this is the FFB component representing the lateral force on the tyre contact patch. Very important for feeling mass transfer/inertia of the car when cornering.

Fz: I have this about 190
this is the FFB component representing the vertical force on the tyre contact patch. This plays an important part in the 'road feel' of the FFB, i.e. when going over bumps in the road.

Mz: I have this on 0 raise and lower this and the master scale so that when the car drives out of the pits and then passes control over to you the wheel stays still and doesnt see saw.

this is the FFB component representing the twisting force of the wheels, i.e. rotation along the vertical axis of the wheel. It is the self-aligning force of the wheels into the driving direction and is most important for getting the 'classic' feel of the FFB getting lighter when the front tyres lose grip.

So when you want a particular force to stand out in the FFB, raise its relative contribution to the total FFB, and after that adjust the Spindle Master Scale value if necessary to get the FFB stay within the full range (i.e. not clipping or getting too weak).

Good luck!

10-05-2015, 15:11
Not played around with FFB setting much yet.I will try this out tonight,Thanks

10-05-2015, 18:35
I have used these settings and quite liked them:


And change linkage stiffness to 1.20 in stead off 0.70 . If the force is too much just lower that.

In the ff wheel force setting I've gone for 120 as well

31-08-2016, 02:36
Thanks for this post craste. Between you and Grimey Dog, I can now drive my Formula Rookie a lot easier at Sakitto. I just got fastest QT on wets - 1:27:690. On to the race now, with a bit more confidence.