View Full Version : Support for Wheel and Controller at the same time please.

10-05-2015, 15:01
I use a Thrustmaster T300 RS on PS4.

Photo mode requires the right stick to rotate the car and this isn't on the wheel so cannot be used without turning off the wheel, turning on a control pad and then reversing the process to go back to racing.

Please allow the controller to be used as a secondary input device along side a wheel. They can already be logged in together as the same user so it should be possible.

10-05-2015, 15:24

since there is only few buttons on the steering wheel, I need DS3 for everything else, e.g. seat position (btw. seat position saving/loading for individual cars is not reliable, should be automatic but is not always as I discovered)

10-05-2015, 15:32

totally agree with this one it would make button assignments and photo mode so much better for wheel users...

10-05-2015, 17:16
I've got as keyboard connected to my PS4. It works in the menus and it let start the key assignment but it refuses to bindOnly the keys. Only p for pause and esc for menu works in-game.

Please give us keyboard support like other games on PS4.Final fantasy 14 is one. Our let us assign keys to connected pad along with wheel

10-05-2015, 18:14
Same with timing screens, game requires R to move up and down which isn't available on any wheel.

10-05-2015, 18:41
It would be a good thing for sure! It just makes getting around things so much easier. It is something I use all the time when playing another title on an older console!

11-05-2015, 12:38
Same with timing screens, game requires R to move up and down which isn't available on any wheel.
I just noticed the timing screen needs R-Stick too. It is a bit of an oversight if I'm honest. I can't scroll up the qualifying screen unless I turn off my wheel and turn on a controller.

Other windows allow you to focus on the right pane and then use the D-Pad. This is an easy fix.