View Full Version : Great game with a a couple of issues

10-05-2015, 16:09
Hi all,

First off just let me say i'm new here so if something i'm about to bring up has been mentioned i do apologize but after a look on here i can't seem to find the answers.
As great as the game is and enjoyable experience i have been having there is just a couple of things i cannot seem to get my head around.

Firstly i'm a MPH kind of man and after changing it in the settings it's correct on my HUD but i prefer to drive from inside the car but the conversion doesn't seem to take place on any of the cars dashboards is there a setting i've missed somewhere?

Secondly after driving a race online in changeable weather conditions i'm a little confused on how it works, once the rain began to settle on the track the car then became undriveable so i pitted, but no options came up and after attempting to drive round again the car was still in the same undriveable state is there not a requirement for wet tyres, do they not exist in the game or am i simply missing something?

Once again great game but if anyone could explain to me the two issues i've experienced that would be great.


Umer Ahmad
10-05-2015, 16:14
First question, the dashboards wont change units. Thats how they are built. Most of these cars are european. I also use MPH in the HUD.