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The Monk
10-05-2015, 16:30
Hi, I've been comparing the xb1 version to the pc version on the tx wheel so I can see exactly where the problems are and the first thing i noticed was, driving the same car round the same track with exactly the same setup (focus rs / sonoma national) the pc version has loads of ffb and feels great, still no real feeling from the rumble strips though and the xb1 version has virtually no ffb, understeers like a pig and feels awful. The other thing I've noticed is if you go to edit tuning setup then across to summary, on the xb1 version the only thing you can change is the rear sway bar because thats the only setting that has a slider whereas on the pc version you csn change just about everything as all the settings have sliders. Also worth pointing out is that on the xb1 version when you use the pad you can feel the rumble strips really good. Anyone know anything about these problems?

Randall Kipker
10-05-2015, 18:52
Good Post, I'm waiting for my XBone Limited version and of course have the TX wheel as well.

Can anyone with SMS confirm this is being looked into?

Well for those having issues try this fix... it appears folks are having success with this tip; By Icaru5:

You Must HOLD the wheel whilst you press A and keep hold until you feel the wheel reduce its force within your grasp. (Edit: You must keep hold and only release after you've pressed A a second time to Save.)

10-05-2015, 19:14
I got the TX wheel to, and I can only feel the "high and white" rumble strips on Imola - not the red/green/white rumble strips.

Could you check if you feel the same at Imola?

But the PC version not being the same is really odd. Is this true Ian?

The Monk
10-05-2015, 19:51
The weird thing is, some rumble strips do work, there's a few at Donington that do like the one at the back of the track on the right hander just before ypu get to the top of the hill. I'm not sure but it might only be the right hand side ones that are working at all, I'll have to check that though. I'm going to try monza next

The Monk
10-05-2015, 21:07
Its not only the right hand ones that work , some of them work on both sides at Donington

Randall Kipker
19-05-2015, 13:41
A shame it seems the XBOX one version was never tested properly... as a Sr. Member who wanted to be involved in the testing of the xbox version I'm very disappointed If this don't get corrected quickly pCARS could be a fil to launch version on XBone.

I know there' working on it, but really inexcusable to have controller issues so bad on release. I have friends I convinced to buy the game who only play Xbox racing games and they're very disappointed close to 10 buyers.

19-05-2015, 14:31
There is a Thread literally two slots down about this.....Yeah its not right on Xbox and yes it is being looked into, and It was said It may need to come to a firmware update. that was the last we heard