View Full Version : Endurance Race Online Series starts next Friday 15.05.15

10-05-2015, 17:12
Hello everyone,

i want to base a online endurance race series with 10 races each over 100 rounds on PC. The series is for controller and wheel player. The target is to had a clean and fair race. And fun on pure endurance racing. The first race will be on the track of Brno / Brünn Circuit with prototyp cars. The plan is to start the race on next Friday the 15.05.15 at 20:00 o`clock german time.

Gameplay settings:
steering assist: off
break assist: off
ABS: off
ESP: off
TCS: off
damage: optical
mechanical failure: on
tire wear: real
fuel usage: real
flags and penalties: on
gear: manual
weather: random
time: 24 hours sync to race time

If you are interested send me a message here or add me as a friend on steam: jonasnonnenprediger . Everyone is invited to join the series.

Have a good day and keep on racing.

10-05-2015, 20:58
Here the Trailer for the Series: http://youtu.be/O7tqJe_ZePw