View Full Version : HUD ?

10-05-2015, 17:34

What's going on with the HUD on PS4 ? I wanted to try and get the rear view mirror on (to see who was chasing me !) but to no avail, but thought nothing of it (i.e. it wasn't available on the mode I was using), but since then I've tried 'on-line' and now every HUD option has dissappeared ? I can't see the track, my speed, my lap etc etc. I had to stay in a race hoping it would finish some time as I hadn't had a clue what lap I was up to ? Since then, I've gone back to career mode and still no HUD ?



10-05-2015, 17:48
This is a known issue,until its fixed you could assign a button to cycle through hud displays when it happens.This is what im currently doing.