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10-05-2015, 18:15
EDIT: Ignore all this (theres certainly an issue still so I'll leave my OP). I've just done the practice on a full tank, the time ended and jumped to qualifying but it is now allowing me to refuel thank god!

Original post:

Well is more of a defill issue.

I got offered to the Euro Championship in the Megane RS and excitedly started the practice of my first full race weekend. But before i knew it i was nearly out of fuel. I pitted but the pit box was full so it sent me back out but I ran out before I could make the lap..

I quit and reloaded with the thought of adding more fuel just to give me time to get used to the track and car. But as I slid the slider across (a little too much) it would not let me reduce it. Every time i added more and more and ended up with a full tank.

I quit and reloaded, deleted and tried creating a new pit strategy but its fully set on a full tank :mad:

I carried on to qualifying, but it still wouldn't 't reset so i can chose a lower amount. I limped through that to the race and gave up trying as I was just too heavy to be competitive. So after an afternoon of trying, quitting, restarting I rage-quit the season entirely!

I started fresh and continued my kart one contract. I did an invitational and then the Euro Championship popped up again. Great i thought as i liked what i experienced apart from the fuel fiasco, I'll make sure not to touch anything this time!

Well well well, guess what? The car is still on a full tank and will not let me reduce it! Controller nearly hit the wall I'm so frustrated with this game now.