View Full Version : MclarenF1GTR Longtail already in the game? :O

10-05-2015, 18:45
So, my friend and I were doing a private match online, and when you join it puts you in a random car and switches you... (not really sure why, but it does). When my friend joined, the "random" car was the McLarenF1GTR Long-tail... any info?

10-05-2015, 18:50
So he got to drive it?!?

It's coming through DLC. Some cars are indeed already in the game files (Bentley GT3 for example). You may run into them as I've heard others say in the form of AI. There's is a video on youtube of a replay in the Bentley GT3 but not sure if he was driving or if it was AI. Either way techinically YES they're in game, but no you're not supposed to be able to drive them. :)

10-05-2015, 18:53
if you look at WMD full member (or one of the tiers) perks, they get access to exclusive cars & tracks at a certain level. someone else saw historic spa was running in a server. so this stuff while not fully ingame (for us) is sure to be coming as dlc of one kind or another. (for some reason i seem to recall the bentleys will be free DLC)

10-05-2015, 19:02
No, he didn't get to drive it... It switched him to the car of the class of the race about 2 seconds after he joined. We tried about 100 times more, and he said it happened to me also (Just showed the server as loading when he said it said that next to my name). I'll see if I can get a screen shot tonight of it.