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09-05-2015, 21:30
I am part of The Online Racing Association (TORA), however, TORA has recently planned a Caterham Spec cup, but after a test session the series has been delayed due to in game bugs/glitches. Keep in mind, this is on the Xbox One. Here are some of the quotes.

Until I can sort out the controller issues some cars are just undriveable at the moment. Won't be doing anything in this game for a while unless they can patch the twitchy pad controls.

There might be more issues mate than just the controller.

Connectivity online isn't that consistent. During the test this evening, we had people been thrown out randomly. Also, whilst we just about understood each other in the lobby, during the racing, no-one could hear each other so that's a huge set back.
One last little problem is that some of the settings in the lobby were locked & wasn't able to select anything like a practice session qualifying, warm up etc.

So until these issues have been resolved, I have no choice but to postpone the first round of the Caterham Trophy until it's 100% clear that the game will be running smoothly. I do hope to postpone the first race for only a week but only time will tell. I'll keep you all up to date so please don't threat or panic. The Caterham Cup will happen.

Was indeed a very interesting and revealing test session, we learnt a lot about how this game would perform in an actual race situation. To be honest the more I play this game the more I dislike it! All those glitches, locked options, controller issues and various other problems simply make what could have been a great game unusable, frustrating and ruins the whole hype that surrounded this game for so long. Unless the creators quickly, very quickly sort all of those issues with patches then I for one will be putting this game at the back of a cupboard.

And it seems that your race numbers can't be applied onto the vehicles which is a shame.
You need not worry about TORA race number rule. That will be sorted within the next couple of days.

10-05-2015, 19:38
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