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10-05-2015, 20:31
Hi there,

First I have to say, that I really enjoy playing this game, even when there are some bugs in it.
I would like to dress the following one:

We I set up an private online Lobby with my friends and fill up the field with AI opponents, we often have cars on the track that doesīt fit to the other ones.
Why the Renault Clio is racing in the group of the old touring cars? The challenge Mercedes 300SEL against Ford Mk1 is really exiting, but the Fort Mk.IV dosenīt fit in there and it is far to fast for the other two. If you select the M1 Procar (and setting is race in actual group) you are racing against the Mercedes CLK DTM. This are just examples, but I think there are some "wrong grouped" cars in the fleet.
Please patch this issue, as we really like the fact to have more cars on the track, even when we are just 3 or 4 real players...

Thank you,

10-05-2015, 20:32
Thanks for the feedback, we look into improving this.

15-05-2015, 15:19
Well, I think it'll get better as more cars are introduced. The M1 was only used as a one make series, so just being able to use it for more than that is a treat. A lot has been said about the lack of cars. It is not a lack of cars, just limited choices to use in rival style showdown races. Peugeot 908 vs Audi R18 anyone?