View Full Version : TX Wheel Settings I've had some Joy with

The Monk
10-05-2015, 21:51
Go to:-
Options and Help/Controls/Calibrate Force Feedback
Dial these settings in:-
Tire Force 110
per wheel movement 110
per wheel movement squared 104
wheel position smoothing 0.10
deadzone removal range 0.00
deadzone removal falloff 0.10
linkage scale 0.20
linkage stiffness 90
linkage damping 135
relative adjust gain 160
relative adjust bleed 150
relative adjust clamp 135
scoop knee 0.90
scoop reduction 0.00
soft clipping half 2.00
soft clipping full 0.50

its a bit heavy for some tracks and cars but im still tinkering
with it and I'll update this post as I go

11-05-2015, 17:21
I dont like the 900 , I Calibrate the Wheel with 900 and then in the Game Main Menu I Switch to 360 direct on the Wheelbase ( Mode and D-Pad ) . Then I Play a Little with the Sense ( Mode and RB/LB ) direct on the Wheelbase.

And for me it is great and no Problems in Race.