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Im Sorry
10-05-2015, 22:44
On 2 occasions when playing career mode,I finished second but was awarded the win.I also unlocked an achiement for crashing at the first corner and winning the race.But I didn't crash and finished second!!

10-05-2015, 23:04
Sweet free win!! Dont tell the Devs this lol

10-05-2015, 23:06
I noticed the same thing. I'm pretty sure it's happening during pit stops where there is some bug related to the position counter. I think it's just the position indicator that gets tripped up but the end of race standings should be correct.

Im Sorry
10-05-2015, 23:36
I didn't use the pits in theses races!

20-10-2017, 01:07
Don't use the pits? In career mode? I think you have to in many classes.

As to a pit bug, it's still alive and well. Just ran 2 tries of newburger (sp) GP and was 1st after the 2nd lap of 5. I usually pit (mandatory in GT3) in lap 3 but elected to run 3 as a clean lap for time point yet after I pitted in the 4th lap, left the pit in 2nd and when finishing still in 2nd, noticed an AI player still in the pits! Since his pit position was PAST the finish line, he won?

Did a restart to duplicate the bug and same thing happened again! Noticed on the winner board that he was in his 5th lap but showed still in the pits? Ah, wouldn't think anyone should be able to pit in the last lap of a race?

Too late for any fixes in V1 I'm sure but DEV for V2 should watch this doesn't happen in it as well. VERY frustrating! "Sad!" :sour:

20-10-2017, 02:08
i had thus happening online too i ended 1st and the 4th got the win also rating points wasnt working for anyone.
it was live on a gamer muscle server races. was pretty strange the guy who won aknowlodge that he should be 4th.