View Full Version : My suggestion for more competition in Time Trial Mode

10-05-2015, 22:49
Hi Forum

Playing Time Trail most of the time trying to get the world record times on several cars I just found out, that you can use different setups for this mode.

In my opinion this should not be possible or the setups have to be shared with the ghost file of the car. I want real competition in this mode under the same conditions. Even in the real world the drivers dont have to figure out their car setups themselfs.


13-05-2015, 10:15
Hey Yoda,

Of what different settings you talking about?
Do you mean the car setup?
The Force Feedback I know that the files of Jack Spade overwrite the original files.
This gives an advantage in the time trial.
But I can imagine what you mean.
On the Nordschleife with the Audi LMS Ultra other drivers reach speeds more then 280km/h in time trials??
Actually that's not possible with default setup....