View Full Version : About bad downshifting.

10-05-2015, 23:13
I have questions for veteran players that have been playing builds for long:

- Is transmission going to be damaged if a driver keeps downshifting too early?
- Does fuel consumption go up with this kind of bad driving?
- Why the rear wheels donīt lock up badly when someone downshifts way too early?

I ask about this because youtube is flooded with videos of people totally failing to handle a gearbox properly and getting away with it, some even setting fast times pulling this. So I wonder if doing this is consequence free. Example:


10-05-2015, 23:27
Yes there's both gearbox and engine damage in the game. You can lock the tires up too but really depends on the car. Chances are engine damage is gonna happen first.

They could also have mechanical damage turned off.

10-05-2015, 23:40
I'm sure i'm guilty of early downshifting...especially since i can't heel-toe....never had any trouble...except rear end coming around 360.
However a neighbor came over and tried some laps and engine blew about 4 times...had never seen that before.
Who knows what aids those Youtubers have activated...

11-05-2015, 00:29
I don't think they can turn assists on or damage off, this is footage of the community event thing.

11-05-2015, 00:31
Yep fuel consumption will go up. Also the diff and engine braking setting in car setup can affect how likely the car is to lock up on downshifting.