View Full Version : Controller set up tips and patch

11-05-2015, 08:53
I've been playing since release date. My first run with the controller was like almost everyone who uses a controller on PS4: awkward. Then I found some set up posted on reddit and suddenly the game became awesome. But when I try Formula A that set up does not work. So I have been fiddling with the controller set up to get the same feel like the F1 games. But I messed everything up. The Formula A car now drives perfect on straights but it's almost impossible to take the first turn on Monza and other cars now drive like tanks.

Seems like some cars need different controller set ups. Any tips?

Also, will there be a patch for the PS4 controller? If yes will this make it like 1 set up for all cars or will we still have to set it up ourselves. I'm used to having a standard set up for all cars. At the moment it is getting very confusing as you need to figure out if it is the set up of the controller or the set up of the car that needs to be tweaked.