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11-05-2015, 10:21
Hey everyone,
I know alot of people seem to be having issues with getting to grips with how this game works, at the end of the day we have a simmulator in our hands and despite the bugs it has, it is a very realistic simulator.

Now i don't know about any of you but my macho bravod got in the way when i got this game and i hopped straight into the formula A cars with the intent of showing Lewis Hamilton how to really drive!! Now the immediate result of that was that his ex girlfriend could most likely have set a better time than me and stayed on the track more! such is male pride.

So for all the new comers i would recommend going into the practice mode and selecting donnington park national, it has quite a lot of varying corners which make it ideal to learn quickly. As for the car? well i would suggest Formula rookie. It's a moderately quick car but a car that i believe the average gamer should have no difficulty getting to grips with.

Once you are in the car and out on the track you should immediately notice that the car is a bit all over the place and spins, to counter this just drive gently for the first 6 corners then pick up the pace a bit. Once you have maybe done a lap and a half you should notice in the bottom right corner the tyres are green at the back, i find with this you can really start pacing the car.

Now if you are new you most likely have the racing line turned on. The thing to remember about this line is that it is a guide line, and where it tells you to brake will no doubt have you stopped dead before you have hit the corner! But for now don't worry about that, the key is to follow the line so you learn what position your car should be in more or less when going around the track.

Once you feel confident about your position going in and coming out of the corners is when your learning curve should start really going up.

You will notice that like i mentioned above the racing line doesn't give you the speed to take the corners, my advice is once you are comfortable with setting a clean lap look to the opposite side of the corner you are about to take and you should notice three white boards, these are your distance to turn markers. They are there for a reason and not to look too pretty. What you should by now be doing is paying attention to when you brake in reference to these markers and gradually decrease the distance to the corner before you hit the brakes while trying to stay on the racing line, most of donningtons corners you can brake and the accelerate out of without mid corner braking.

And also, don't worry about messing up one corner at first, just try gradually to nail each corner. One by one the pieces fall into shape and you will most likely be about 7 seconds faster after your first hour on the game.

I hope this helps and if any pro racers are on the forums it would be good if they all chipped in and offered people advice on how to get around a track quickly

11-05-2015, 12:19
Nice one.

I had a few friends over the weekend struggle to get to grips with the game, my advice was simple;

Take your time.

You cannot simply put the foot down coming out the pits on cold tyres, you can't throw it into the corner at any angle and expect to be quick and you certainly need to drive to the conditions.
This is not an out the box arcade racer, it takes practice, time, knowledge and most of all, patience.
You will get faster.