View Full Version : Minor issue - Ghost Car appearing in replays on time attack.

11-05-2015, 11:45
1st post so please bear with me if I ramble on, when I first played the game I have to say I wasn't too impressed with all the very well documented issues. Finding out that the developers and moderators on the forums actually do listen and are working on fixes makes a big difference so Iíve decided to join in rather than just read the forums from a distance.

I've spent a fair few hours working out a controller setup on XB1 and finally managed to get a setup I'm happy with so I decided to have a bash at time trials.

There's a badly rendered ghost car during replays in time attack and haven't seen anyone mention it here on the forums, it appears right at the spawn point where the time attack starts from (before manual control is given) however itís not visible during actual game play and does not affect playability. (pics below)

The ghost car of your fasted lap is also visible in replays and is again very badly rendered so I guess it shouldn't actually be visible at all.

On a side note is it possible to make any dislodged track furniture disappear i.e. signs or bollards that youíre not really meant to hit but sometimes do. Itís fairly distracting to come speeding round a corner and find a sign right on the racing line, in the real world those nice marshals would risk life and limb to remove them so I canít see why they are not removed during gameplay.

Sorry if Ive added to your workload but keep up the good work, hope to see the patch for steering bugs and frame rate drops etc soon.