View Full Version : Leaderboards/Car classes/Track limits.

EMW Simmo
11-05-2015, 12:23
:confused:Yes this game has the biggest potential of any previous racer, but thats all it will be unless they fix these issues...
First of all what is the point of time trial/community competitions when nearly everyone is exceedikng track limits or cutting corners.
Second why god only knows are there only 6 classes? How can you put a Renault clio in the same class as a Merc Dtm theres almost 20 sec a lap difference, the same goes for a formula rookie n formula A, the list goes on n on, its just a mess.
I cant understand why if P cars is supposed to be sim like, why anyone can just blatently cut parts of prob 90% of the tracks or bounce off walls and still get a clean lap !!!!!
Unless they fix the car classes/track limits and reset the Lbs the game will be dead within 4 weeks...
Yes the game has great graphics/sounds and realistic physics on most cars, gt n touring/open wheel are good but the rest v iffy, but the game is so unpolished its crazy, i just hope they fix the problems or it will die v fast...

V12 GForce1
21-06-2015, 12:16
Personally, I love this game. I am hopeful that SMS fix track detection, and fingers crossed they can add cars to each class that are competitive.
ps I tried Nurburgring sprint short in FA and your so much quicker on section 1 than me mate, cant get my car to behave for me ;-)