View Full Version : Livery issues, rearview-mirror issues and others...

11-05-2015, 13:16

I wanna report some bugs at the PS4 version of pCars.

1. Livery issues: When i choose a livery in the garage at a sertain car and save it to this car, the livery will be changed automaticly when im getting into a race with that car...it looks that it wont be saved as it supposed to be.
2. Rearview-mirror issues: The distance in the rearview-mirror between the car behind you does look too far away. Even trees, cars and the eenvironment seems to pop away from your rearview-mirror.
3. Kart-physics: The physics of the karts are kinda unreal (im using a Thrustmaster T300RS wheel) the kart acts TOO drifty and way too sensitive. Its really TOO hard to maintain control over these karts, i've done a lot of reallife karting-championships but that feels a whole lot different than the karts at pCars.
4. Pit-Voices: The voices of Ben Collins and Nicolas Hamilton arent there when using a wheel. It only works when i use a PS4-controller.
5. Weather: I drove a lot of online races with a "dry-weather"-setup...after 2 laps racing it starts to rain and to storm, something i didnt setup.
6. Pictures: Pictures ive been taken at pCars got lost and cant be found.
7. Replay: I saved a couple of race-replays (day and night-races), when im gonna watch the replay (night-races) it looks like that people didnt turned on their light...while they actually turned on their lights. Each time we hitted the start/finish the lights of some other cars dissapeared. This is a replay-bug because during the race everyone had their lights turned on.
8. Hitting Pitwall: When getting out of the pitlane the car smashes into a wall while the game tookover your car, the player (that cant do anything about it) receive 1900 penalty-second and the car got smashed-up.This happends for example at: Spa Francorchamps, Bathurst, Brandshatch and some more.

Thats it, i hope that the devs will fix this soon!

Regards, Jay