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11-05-2015, 13:32
So the game will be “fixed” with upcoming patches/work with community.
Why is the game being released (after a delay) that still isn't fit to play?
I appreciate the effort, hardwork etc that will have been your road to port the game to consoles but surely you knew the state of game on launching it???

I feel you have taken advantage of me and made a fool out of me.
Is it wrong of me to expect a game to be “launched" and not expect to be getting a fully tested/working “FINAL” product?

The other thing which does slightly concern me is that some reviewers I have respected for honest opinions “IGN and Eurogamer” both did not highlight these issues at all and gave high scores. (maybe I am doing a disservice and they only tested the PS4 version……

Maybe I’m in the wrong and buying a 50 game console game now is merely a ticket for the ride of patches, apologies, updates and DLC to get to a playable end game.

All the best, but you can put me down as an unhappy customer currently trying to get my 50 back………..

11-05-2015, 13:36
Take a deep breath and relax.

SMS are well aware of the issues and are working very hard to get the major issues with controllers fixed.

There is a thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22817-Please-read-Xbox-One-Issues-UPDATED) that details the issues and includes updates on the controller issue.

It looks like the controller issue has been replicated in house and is fixed. Looks like its on the next stage of becoming a patch.

I hope this goes some way to help resolve you concerns.


11-05-2015, 13:54
Thanks Pete, i've taken my medication.

any gaming time is severely limited and being frustrated, fighting with a new release was not enjoyable.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Roger Prynne
11-05-2015, 14:02
Yeah hang in there mate... all will come good in the end.

11-05-2015, 14:22
I disagree on the "not fit to play" opinion

11-05-2015, 15:38
I disagree on the "not fit to play" opinion

"Throughout motorsport history there have been many unforgettable and legendary drivers.

Inspired by these stories, players in Project CARS are invited to try and recreate those journeys via three Historic Goals...


Like many young prodigies that have appeared throughout motorsport history, this Historic Goal challenges you to rise from Karting to the very pinnacle of motorsports in a short number of years."

Except you can't, as the karting is horrendous.

11-05-2015, 15:51
Picking up my PS4 copy tonight. Interesting to try the full version now I'm used to it on Xbox ONE.

I'm getting very noticeable frame rate drops/stuttering on Oulton Park in quick race mode with full grid on Xbox ONE...that'll be my first test on the PS4.