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11-05-2015, 13:41
Loving this title - properly hard, requires patience, more patience and skill - perfect! Fantastic experience - the handling is superb in my opinion, and some of the audio is simply spine tingling. That helmet cam is the business!

Have played for a couple of days and wanted to list the following bugs / annoyances which I can replicate on PS4. I'm sure they've already been logged, but just wanted to provide my list of findings

* Menu items unreadable. Reminds me of colour clash on a ZX Spectrum :-). Thought it was my screen, but it's just a weird combination of font / background and foreground colours. I literally have no idea what some of the items say

* Illogical workflows. When I complete a race in career, the 'Abandon Career' selection is highlighted on the next screen. Would make more sense for 'Continue' to be highlighted. This lack of logic appears throughout the menu structure

* Inaccurate car count. In a race with 30 competitors, the position counter shows 'out of 16'. When I get up into a 'visual' 8th place (i.e. I can count 7 cars in front of me) - the position indicator doesn't reflect this. Passing more cars yields no change, and when I finish the race in a 'visual' 6th, the end placing is wrong. Happened at Catalunya in a Megane 265, and have seen it elsewhere

* Sound bugs. 10% of the time the race starts with no car sounds, sometimes no engine sounds but transmission whine and brake / tyre noise only. A restart always remedies this

* Sound bugs. On many occasions the audio of the engine gets very choppy. Rather than the engine audio climbing with the revs, it jumps in stages. Strangely it seems to be linked to the part of the track you're on. At first I thought it was a quirk of the vehicle and the assists, but it's not. Often there are some rogue artifacts in the sound, loud crackles and cracks that are clearly not supposed to be there

* Tyre bugs. On fixed clear weather, in the Lotus 49 at Oulton Park I sustain damage and come into the pits to be sent out on completely different tyres. Proper modern rubber as opposed to the period Firestone's

* Rubber side up. In some of the vehicles, the moment you ascertain any contact, even slight, whilst alongside a competitor you end up on your roof. I appreciate that this will sometimes happen, particularly with open wheeled racing, but it seems to happen an awful lot. Escort RS is a good example

* Gear indicators in replays. In car replays often show the car being in neutral (N) when in the in-car views

Looking forward to a long lasting relationship with this title


11-05-2015, 14:09
Maybe you could add to your list the mandatory controller buttons which make it impossible to have the buttons assigned to your controller the way you want it.

11-05-2015, 16:13
Maybe you could add to your list the mandatory controller buttons which make it impossible to have the buttons assigned to your controller the way you want it.

Agreed, SMS did a great job of giving the console formats plenty of options for controllers and graphics so it seems odd to have some control assignments as mandatory like KERS and look back. When I first set up PCars on my PS4 and XBOX One the first thing I did was change the gear shift buttons to square and circle and X and B and it was a little frustrating to then not be able to save that configuration because I didn't have those mandatory controls mapped and it didn't tell me what controls I needed to map so I had to revert back to default, note what controls I changed then make the edits again. Small issue but frustrating. On the whole though this game has such fantastic potential, its already a lot of fun with the sessions I've run online so far.