View Full Version : My list of bugs and annoyances

11-05-2015, 14:03
Missing Option to disable Intro video. Especially because it auto-starts after a bit of idle time.
Generally the PC is treated like a console. The PC is not a console.
Too many silly modal confirmation dialogs. I don't want to confirm exiting practice mode. It's not the end of the world, it's just practice. Modal dialogs should be used sparsely.
Time Trial is missing a car setup mode. Do you guys expect a serious sim racer to leave the track, enter practice mode, change tire pressure, re-load the track? Or leave the track, enter the garage, change tire pressure, go re-load track? This is too complicated.
Exiting car setup asks for confirmation even if nothing had been changed
It shouldn't be possible to reset the car to the middle of the street in a multiplayer-game.
Missing setup manager in setup screen. Setups can only be managed in the garage. Unnecessarily complicated.
Can't create a new Selection Group in setup manager
Scroll-bars move by selecting but without the content scrolling. why???
When symmetrical setup is selected in the summary panel, I expect changes to one side to automatically apply to the other side, for example front tire pressure. Instead when I accidentally turn the when, *ALL* settings of the whole panel are changed. This totally idiotic, who wants to increase the values of tire pressures, damper and spring settings, ride height etc all at once? I have never seen anything more idiotic.
in the car setup panel, pressing escape saves the current settings although there is a dedicated "Save" box. If there is a save box, I expect escape to leave without making changes, why would I have a save box then??? In combination with 10 this can lead to the accidental corruption of a saved setup and lots of lost time.
Although there are cars like the Lotus 49 and the Sauber C9, the contemporary layouts of the tracks those cars were racing on are missing. I'd like to see Monza and Les Mans without the chicanes. I'd even pay 3 Euros for the immersion to take the kink at 400 kph.
In practice mode, when the car setup panel is entered, the car is in simulation mode, which makes the car start rolling on its own on some tracks. for example nordschleife stage 1 the car rolls backwards until it crashes into a barrier, stage 2 it rolls forwards and even starts the timer. this all happens while you're configuring the setup. this is hilarious.
multiplayer games that do not immediately start into a race often don't allow me to drive or change setup. there is a padlock next to all options. i have to reconnect sometimes multiple times to be able to drive.
the lobby browser filter options are useless. I need to be able to filter by track or do you guys expect ppl to race on tracks they have no experience? and add an option to filter out private games.
the lobby browser only displays 50 games max. why?? does it fill 8 gigs of RAM?