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11-05-2015, 16:27
Hi everyone, I'm a player from China. I have both the PC and XBOX version of the game. I really love Pcars even though there are still some issues of this game. My PC is with a GTX860m GPU and I took all the visual options to "middle", which is totally just like the present of XBOX. But I mentioned on PC it shows a better light reflection on track especially in rain which looks really cool. I found it is the result of a visual option called "Stretched headlight reflection". And I noticed it has little impact to the load of GPU. Whether I switch it on or off the FPS keeps around 30 when I was in the last position of a 20 car race in rain. But it looks really much butter when you open it! So I hope SMS can add this visual effect to the XBOX version in the new patch, it will not take a lot GPU load.

Also, I highly suggest SMS can add the support to the trigger vibration of XBOX ONE controller, just like in Forza5. It is really helpful to judge whether wheels are locked in braking and spin in acceleration. Besides, I think the tire noise is slightly "tiny" and always covered by the engine noise. Maybe an additional tire noise setting can be added in the sound setting.

Hope you guys can understand my poor English;)

11-05-2015, 16:44
Here is two screenshot about switch on and off of the "stretched headlight reflection" option: