View Full Version : Unreported Bug Found

11-05-2015, 16:47
I've found a random game-breaking bug that is quite frankly rather annoying. In my Clio Cup race at Oulton Park, everything but the cars were in motion. Every vehicle in the race had frozen, yet I could turn on the headlights and could see flags being waved by spectators. It happened (I believe) at the final corner before the hill leading to the start/finish straight and runied the rather good race I had raced so far.

Also something to add, a couple retired cars on the same track seemed to be stuck underneath a wall at the end of the pit lane.

11-05-2015, 16:56
Did this happen more than once? In which mode was it (Career, Quick Race, Online)?

11-05-2015, 18:05
It's happened just the once, and it was in career.

I haven't logged that many hours, so I will report if there are any more occurences.