View Full Version : Unhandled exception...and other bugs

11-05-2015, 17:38
First off, congratulations on a great game, top quality in graphics, audio and physics, a must for any successful car game in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I'm having a few issues with Multiplayer which is diminishing the experience for me a little. They are as follows:

Although a game shows in the lobby with spaces, it will not allow me to join, even if I immediately refresh the list and try again
The unhandled exception and game crash at the start of some races, normally after I have just spent 15 mins qualifying with a great time and on pole!!
Cars moving around on the grid at start
Sometimes upon joining I get into a game but then it will not allow me to 'DRIVE' the option is greyed out

In terms of gameplay in MP, I definitely would like to see some form of warning or deterrent for people who find their amusement in driving the wrong way around the track or fish-tailing you on a legitimate overtake chance.

One more point which isn't really a problem but would be nice is that in the visual options there is an option to display in full screen on either monitor 1 or monitor 2.

Thanks for a great game and one with bags and bags of potential.

Gavin Thomas
11-05-2015, 19:10
Getting the same problems myself