View Full Version : Potential Lap times telling porkies

11-05-2015, 21:23
When I look at potential lap times it always seems to be wildly over calculating the result.

Example My best lap at Donington GP in the RUF-8 GT3 1-27-342
The predicted lap time is 1-10-xxx , there is no way in hell anyone can find 17 seconds in that car.

I'd expect an alien could take a few seconds off quite easily but not 17 seconds.

Shouldn't the predicted time be based on adding all your best sectors?

11-05-2015, 21:28
I have also noticed this @ Laguna Seca with the boss mustang. The predicted time was about 20sec faster than the laps I had done.

22-07-2015, 14:06
This still happens btw..so... bump!

22-07-2015, 14:09
Never seen this, it is normally the combination of my best sectors on validated laps, I'm going to look out for this.

22-07-2015, 14:27
The best rounds are in disputes, handles overtaking.
Lap time will vary depending on features, settings, steering and cheating.
FEATURES: Hardware
SETTINGS: aids, assists, with or without FFB
STEERING: driving with precision
CHEAT: adjust the car SETTINGS exaggerated to give just one back and make the best time; cut way; use bugs to your benefit, for example.

22-07-2015, 14:41
I also notice this on a regular basis whilst doing TT on ps4.

22-07-2015, 14:47
Yep me too, it's becoming difficult to trust the times set in this game, on PS4 at least.

22-07-2015, 14:56
It's not just in TT btw ;) if anyone was wondering..

22-07-2015, 19:28
I made a thread about it once but never got an answer how this is calculated. But obviously there's some bug in it because it displays times that are like 10 to 20 seconds faster than my best lap.

22-07-2015, 20:51
Always been like this

27-07-2015, 14:40
Race at Spa with 18 players
- GT3 class
- Off assists
- Normal tire wear
- Weather day with sun
90:00 minute workout
15:00 minutes of qualifying
5 players = 2:18
5 players = 2:22 (including me)
8 players = 2:28
Race 10 laps
5 players = 2:18
5 players = 2:33 (including me)
8 players = 2:48 (all dropped out)

What exactly happened here?

28-07-2015, 02:50
Never seen this, it is normally the combination of my best sectors on validated laps, I'm going to look out for this.

from what i can see the validated lap part is correct, but as soon as you have an invalidated lap, its messed up from that point on. i think it removes the remainder of the particular sector you were on at the time of the invalidation and then continues adding when the new sector starts. and i cant be sure but i think it resets when you pit in practice sessions anyway.( i will keep an eye on this next time)
I might also see if i can make anymore sense of it by #1 invalidating a lap at start of sector, #2 at mid sector, #3 at end sector, and see if potential times equate..