View Full Version : a few problems we are experianceing

11-05-2015, 21:54
Xbox one, disk, 8.4GB terrible audio, steering, gliching graphics,

Escort, Brands hatch career , changes from 2nd gear to fourth gear barely touching third, this has happened before at oulten park i think but after restarting it was ok,
Also when you crash the car stops there is no sliding even if your on your roof, you cant stop that quick with the brakes on
Questionable race winners, been in front by 3-4 seconds go into pits and after over taking 3 cars finished 3rd,4th or even 5th on 5 lap race. Restarted every time to try for first but same conclusion.also qualified 4 seconds faster than anyone else.
5 lap race go into pits for mandatory stop after first lap instead of second but game doesnt recognise and still asks me to go into pits and tyres go off even though tyre wear is off.