View Full Version : Live spectating is missing from the race. ?

11-05-2015, 22:36
Hey Devs hello everyone.

First of all, thanks for the devs for making an amazing game! I'm hosting a Project CARS tournament on my channel. http://twitch.tv/daverun_599.

I want to commentate the races live, but the spectating is available only during the practice and qualifying session. I don't know if I just can't find it or it is not available in-game.

If its not available I would suggest to create a online lobby system like in Gran Turismo 6. That works perfectly.

I look forward to hear from you guys.

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13-05-2015, 19:12
I second this.

14-05-2015, 04:57
Agreed. It'd be really nice to be able to use the "Retire to Pit Box" option.

I have, however, found a temporary work-around:

- Have the race set as a standing start
- Jump the start so you get a drive-through penalty
- Ignore the penalty and get disqualified from the race after completing 2 laps

This will force you to the Pit Box for the rest of the race where you can use the Pit Monitor. It's a pain, but at least it's a temporary work-around for those who really need it for things like streaming.