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12-05-2015, 03:04
I came to the forums to see what everyone is driving, and maybe have some laughs about what everyone's fun stories racing against the AI or online. But It seems the majority of the posts are people complaining and I just felt that I should post something positive to thank the development team and everyone involved in the development of this project to say thanks for producing the Racing game I have had the most fun with in a long long time (maybe with the exception of GSCE).

I stared in sim racing back in the SCGT days. I can remember back when Ian Bell would make mods for that game, and when we should have 'online' races by doing a single player race and then submitting our replays to compare with others and seeing who won.

While I took a long break from sim racing (though I did play some GTR2, and Gran Turismo), I came back last year. What I am saying is that I remember when sim racing games were pretty basic and you had to spend hours downloading and modding games to get something playable. Even today there are games that you need to mod quite a bit to get a good experience, or games that are released as a 'platform' so that modders can make it into a game worth playing. I own and have played pretty extensively (more than 30 hours each) all the current racing sim or 'sims' including but not limited to AC, GSCE, Grid (autosport), rFactor 2, RRRE, GT, Forza. You get the idea. I mostly play with a steering wheel, but I also play on a gamepad at times.

So when I re ordered pCARS I was not expecting too much since all the games I listed above had issues when they came out, and some are still in beta (Has GT ever come out of beta?), and I had tried out an early build. Is it perfect? No. Are there issues and some bugs? Sure. But is this pretty much the most feature complete racing game I have played in a long time on day one release? Absolutely. I am not sure why out of all the modders that came out of SCGT, Ian's name is the one I remember, but I could never have imagined that when I was reading his mod development posts all those years ago that pCARS would even be possible.

So if you have read this far you will probably be wanting to say that I am a Fanboy, or I am a paid spokesperson for SMS. If you think that, nothing I can say will change your mind. What I do want to say is a big thank you to all those involved in making this game possible. Especially thank you for making a game I played so much this weekend that my right leg is sore (from pressing the gas and break peddle). Even bigger thank you for making possible the moment, when I broke too late into a hairpin (in a formula rookie), got my back-end knocked loose by the AI behind, only for it to slam into the AI in front, causing me to be facing the correct direction and see the two AI taking each other out at the bend. I had to pause the game cause I was laughing so hard.

Finally for all those getting all lathered up: take a deep breath and chill. You will live longer.

12-05-2015, 03:19
Thanks, FranchiseJuan, couldn't have said it better myself! Also thanks for bringing up fond memories of SCGT. I remember playing it and feeling rather disappointed at first, but then I discovered this wonderful community of 'modders' who invested countless hours for the unheard of price of nothing! Just to make the game more into something that they would like to experience for themselves! It's been a wonderful journey ever since, through rfactor, gtr2, the 'Race' series, GT and Forza, iRacing, and finally pCars, rfactor2, RRE, and Assetto Corsa. Whew! PCars has pretty much dominated my life for the last four years, and I have made many wonderful friends around the world as a result. I'm confident that the game will only get better. Just look at iRacing as an example. Given time, I think pCars will come to dominate the sim racing scene. The developers are very committed to it and there is a large community already invested as well.

12-05-2015, 03:44
I always love "memory lane" reference posts. I started with Revs on the c64. Played just about everything car sim related since. Never looked back. (Actually, I'm always looking back come to think of it as I did just now, but you know what I mean :D)

12-05-2015, 03:51
Nice post! As often is the case with the internet, the angry minority are always the most vocal. I think most of the happy campers are too busy racing to post as many comments :D

12-05-2015, 04:43
Nice post! As often is the case with the internet, the angry minority are always the most vocal. I think most of the happy campers are too busy racing to post as many comments :D

So true. I almost stopped typing half way though my post as I thought 'I could be spending this time playing the game'.