View Full Version : Online Season (Practice/Qualify/Race)

12-05-2015, 06:13
So I am at work and a little confused. So in a quiet time I thought I'd try and clear up some misunderstandings and confusion prior to me looking at it when I get home. So excuse me if this is obvious, and I feel it might be.

Came from iracing which had online events quite often (more often for popular classes) going practice/qualify/race and structured each week where the track changed for a particular season each week (off memory as I haven't played for quite a while). So if in the popular class you'd only have to wait an hour or two for the next event.

So in Project Cars you have offline mode (not overly interested myself to race AI but good to have), there are Online events created by users however they want to create them (or create yourself), there are community events which almost appears like a time trial (but not on all the time and only every 2 weeks???), and somewhere there are season qualifying/racing every two weeks which I didn't notice.

I am at work and had entered the round 2 for the Merc GT3 at brands hatch 2 days ago, which I assumed was practice up until a few hours ago (thus the closing time) and that would change to qualifying then race etc. But it appears I entered a time trial only?? Where do I find the Season qualifying and races I am mainly interested in? Like seasons, not random races created by users.

How often are they held? I'm hoping it's not just 3 days every 2 weeks.

I am at work so it may be obvious when I get home, but just noticed I think I misunderstood the event entered.