View Full Version : Reputation system (I have a dream)

12-05-2015, 09:20
I know this is a difficult one, but I'm sure everybody would agree to see a online driver reputation system. Positive points for those who finish a race with zero incidencies, negative points for rammers, trolls, etc.

You can create games with minimum positive points to enter, avoiding (or at least minimizing) crazy drivers to f*ck up the race.

I have a dream...

12-05-2015, 10:32
I totally agree, it needs a system like IRacing has. For now i am still using IRacing for my online races. Much cleaner races!
A system like this would definitely help this game out.

12-05-2015, 11:06
I understand what you are saying but personally, I just race in a community where everyone is responsible.

Also, the iRacing system has its fare share of flaws so why implement something which is flawed?

12-05-2015, 14:07
I agree getting rid of bad drivers is quite difficult, like above poster said about iRacing. But at least, we can minimize the impact of bad drivers in the game, with a reputation system.

I know you can join a sim racing community and find 100% fair players, but usually those communities are focused to serious competition, training every week with the same car in the same track, etc. Not bad, but I'm looking for something more relaxed, without having to worry about racing trolls.

14-05-2015, 12:29
+1 for this !