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12-05-2015, 11:24
I haven't been through them all yet but I really like the Dubai Autodrome. The flow is really nice, i find it fun to drive.

Whats your favourite?

12-05-2015, 11:58
Not really tried that one yet but I've fallen in love with Snetterton 300. A great track with slow, medium sweeping corners, I think it flows really well and is a blast to drive.

12-05-2015, 12:28
Just driven Watkins Glen, I think this has to be my fave so far,

12-05-2015, 12:41
Brno and Oulton Park, any of the layouts is fine.

Fav car:) Ford MkIV (though a bit heavy steering /FFB) , M1 and 1M.

Robin (PC & G25)

12-05-2015, 12:58
Watkins Glen - Has always been a favourite of mine.

Oulton Park/Brands Hatch - Two of the best British tracks. Silverstone always gets the attention but it has nothing on the former two.

Road America - Have always had a soft spot for this pacey track.

Bathrust - Amazing track. Just a shame we have no V8 Supercars to throw round it.

To be honest though, I have barely scratched the track list surface as of yet. I have loads to try out, inlcuding the infamous Imola

16-05-2015, 06:28
I've raced on all the track in solo mode to get the hang of them......there's not a track i don't like.
My favourites tracks are
Brands Hatch
Sakitto (GP And Sprint)
Snetterton (All Three)
Sonoma ( All Three).....i remember it by another name
Willow Springs International Speedway

16-05-2015, 08:13
Favourites so far...

Silverstone national in rain, Clio Cup, 1:07.390

Spa Francochamps in clear, RWD P30 LMP1, 2:06

No assists, xb1 pad

16-05-2015, 08:23
Road America in the RWD P30 LMP1 is a real blast.

16-05-2015, 08:24
We all know there is only one possible answer: Nordschleife.

16-05-2015, 08:27
Brno and Watkins Glen

But to be honest there are a lot of tracks in this game I've never played on before so all make a refreshing change