View Full Version : Calibrate Wheel & Test

12-05-2015, 11:41
I'd like the option in the calibrate wheel section to press a button and go straight innto a little two or three corner test of the wheel instead of jumping in and out of menu's and game sessions to see if the wheel feels right.

12-05-2015, 22:53
Seems like this would be a wonderful "fantasy" track created specifically for testing out FFB settings. Track should include all of the following but not limited to:

Lots of elevation changes.
Long straight with up hill climb at the end.
Rumble strips on both sides of the track of varying heights.
Some walls/guard rails to ram into on purpose.
No pit lane so you always start right in the middle of the road, ready to go.

I took the advice of that guy on Inside SimRacing Youtube video where he suggests doing Free Practice on California Highway Stage 1 so that you don't have to drive through pit lane to get to the driving part. Only thing missing is testing what rumble strips feel like (which is a big deal if you plan on doing mostly racing circuits).