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12-05-2015, 11:52
First of all great game I'm having a lot of fun with the driving mechanics on my G27. Without a doubt though there are quite a lot of issues and bugs which I'm sure are going to be patched. Anyway last night I was totally confused about the following and wonder if someone can shed any light on it.

Issue 1
I've been playing since launch but only noticed this last night. I was doing some Free Practice in the Ariel Atom, my tyres start cold out of the pits and it takes me about 2 laps for them to warm up, the tyre temp graphic slowly turned from blue to green, everything great. After only about 4 laps they started to go cold one at a time and by lap 6 they were completely cold. I've also noticed my tyres sometimes don't warm up at all like after 6 laps?? Are my tyres actually cold or is it a bug?

Issue 2
So then I thought ok I'll pit for new tyres, I drive into the pits. At this point the AI takes over, I can see my mechanic but the car just drives straight through the pits?? As I drive into the Pits I get 3 options, from memory it says "edit current setup" "swap driver" "save or close". How exactly am I meant to switch tyres? Do I have to edit the pit stop strategy before I start the session? I know how to do this but it isn't clear how I actually change tyres during a free practice run. My only option it seems is to ESC out and restart the session.


12-05-2015, 15:24
Did you trigger a pit stop request prior to pitting? I believe it you don't the team won't be ready and you just cruise through pit lane.

12-05-2015, 15:33
As far as I know, in Free Practice mode there is no actual pit stop and I don't believe tires wear at all. (I've spent upwards of 2 hours on a single circuit in FP mode and only had to stop because I was out of fuel.) However, if you pause and select "Return to Garage" you'll end up in your pit box with fresh (cold) tires and full fuel.

I know what you mean about the tires on the Atom though. I've spend several hours in the car (absolutely love the car) but the tires never really do "warm up" (usually top out at around 400-450F). Given the tire options for it though, that may be completely normal.

12-05-2015, 15:37
Did you trigger a pit stop request prior to pitting? I believe it you don't the team won't be ready and you just cruise through pit lane.

How do you do that? Is there a button/key assignment pressed prior to entering? Though I don't remember noticing any function in Options that can be mapped for this.

12-05-2015, 16:41
When they turn green it means that they are optimal temp, they may just be slightly below optimal but still register blue. I do believe though that they should be able to get up to temp quicker and stay there, I cant see a reason why they would cool if you are still putting the required energy through them. Could be a bug, could be a cooling track but Im not sure how well that is simulated/

12-05-2015, 16:46
Tires do wear, just not at a rate that most of us are used to. I have never done a free practice, so I cannot comment on the drive thru instead of pitting. I have never had that sort of issue in career mode.