View Full Version : GT4 Europe & Asia Trophy Mandatory Pitstops

12-05-2015, 11:56
Has anyone else had the issue of the AI pitting for their mandatory pit stop in the main race on the very last lap and crossing the line to win?

I had got onto pole, led the entire race, built up a hefty gap to second & pitted on the 4th Lap of 5. I expected to exit the pit still in first place as the last time I left my pit stop to last lap I was DQed. However, as I was leaving the pit box some cheeky little devil came storming down the pit straight (at Hockenheim) and took the lead with one lap left.

I couldn't catch him and as I came round the last corner he was in the pit lane and crossed the line (in the pit lane) to win before making his stop.

Has this happened to anyone else? Sorry if its already been discussed.

Other than this & the lack of 458 Italia's, the game is decent.