View Full Version : Issue's discovered with my initial attempts

12-05-2015, 13:44
Some of these have already been confirmed by many others but I'll just add all here that I experienced last night.

1. Sound: On some cars (particularly noticed on the mustang 302 GT4) Sound will be fine then it seems to start glitching and becomes extremely garbled and digital sounding. Seems to happen when under full throttle and near a lot of other cars. After a few seconds it will return to normal.

2. Controls: Sensitivity, as reported by pretty much everyone I think. Sensitivities and steering rack need heavily adjusted on every car just to drive at all. Of course the reduced controller response make correcting "tank slappers" rather more unpleasant than it probably should be. In regards to re-installing the game, has that actually worked for anyone? I'm on a terrible DSL connection so a 20 gb download is a big ask if there isn't a decent chance it might work.

3. Controls: No trigger feedback. Does this work for anyone at all? Any chance of a re-install helping here either?

4. Setting saves: Sometimes when backing out of a settings page it takes MUCH longer than normal. Sometimes exiting a settings page is instant, other times I sit there what seems like nearly a full minute waiting for the little save icon on the bottom right.

5. Controls: Right analog sensitivity. When trying to assign upshift/downshift to the right analog stick it takes a LOT of care when shifting other wise when the stick returns to zero it will shift back in the opposite direction again. Either there isn't anywhere near enough deadzone or the stick simply needs to respond to shifts much deeper into the sticks travel. Just the tiny bounce from the stick re-centering is enough to cause the gears to change. I ended up having to change manual shifts to face buttons. Even with views assigned to the right analog stick it is so sensitive that it's difficult to use and even bumping the stick slightly while driving sends me looking off in the wrong direction.

That's all for now. Still really appreciating the game and can't wait for the control issue's to get sorted so I can properly enjoy it.