View Full Version : Where is my PSN code for limited contents?

12-05-2015, 13:53
I've bought the limited version of Pcars on PS4 .
I've had two codes , one for the 3 cars of preorder , to the other for the limited edition of 5 cars .

I've submitted the two codes on the pcars 's site , and Both Has Been Recognized .
But i've received only one email with the PSN code (preorder cars), the second never arrived.

13-05-2015, 08:18
So, noone can answer to my question?
No mods can do this?

It's really frustrating, i don't blame for this or that bug. I understand that the game is BIG and some bug can still get out.
But, come on, dont' have the contents for which I paid € 80 a game is absurd.