View Full Version : Quick couple of thoughts / frustrations

12-05-2015, 15:55
Apologies if these have been mentioned before. I get driven insane by them......

1. When you get pushed (more often than not by the AI) into a barrier, at say twenty degrees or more, your car turns further into the barrier, whereas the AI just merrily rebound back onto the track and shoot off down the road.

2. Say at a tight hairpin on a multiplayer race, driving slow to take the corner, I get shunted deliberately from behind by a clown, causing me to go "through" the corner and I get a penalty for it.

3. When choosing a car from the list, lets say I press square on one halfway down the list to see its stats, then press circle to go back to the list, it's like it doesn't remember where I was at in the list , and I have to scroll all the way down again. Pisses me right off.

Just sayin'

Other than that, loving the game