View Full Version : driver looking for competitive racing clean races

12-05-2015, 15:55
I'm a driver in project cars looking for some racing tournaments and everything. I do play with a controller till a wheel can be purchased so if you require wheel setups please still contact me so i have the info when i purchase one i can join in on the tour.

12-05-2015, 22:31
Hi Beatmebad,

Do you play on PS4? Or is it XB1/PC?

12-05-2015, 23:10
i play on PC

13-05-2015, 00:42

You're welcome to come join us at AOD. We're a group of both sim racers and newcomers that are focused on CLEAN weekly races, and monthly championships. Very structured racing. Our leagues kick off next week.

Visit the site - http://www.clanaod.net Register an account and click Apply Here at the top, and someone will send you a private message with the steps to join us on Teamspeak and in game. :)


13-05-2015, 00:49
If you enjoy open wheel racing, and just getting into it our formula rookie series starts next week. http://southcentralgamers.wix.com/sctr or add me on steam - TantrixChaos ill chat you up!