View Full Version : Game wont load....stuck on loggin in...

ABR Getif
12-05-2015, 16:24
So this morning i turned xbox on, turns on fine.
Sign in to my account on xbox live, fine.

Load up project cars, after being promted to press the three lined button its just sat there loading and failing to go into the game.
I beleive this is where it is syncing.

Ive uninstalled the game, rebooted, reinstalled to no avail.
Ive rebooted modem, no change.

So now i have a game i cant even play.
Any suggestions.

30-06-2015, 02:10
So do I having this kind of problem. Yesterday it stopped to saving, asking me to try again and again with no success. So I rebooted the XBox and there was no way to load my game in PROJECT CARS, its was asking me to retry again and again. So I reinstalled the game and none. Tried to reset my saving to sync from the cloud's savings, neither worked. Tried to initiate the game with another XBox login and its worked, but when I return to mine there was the problem again, I simple dont have the game to play.