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12-05-2015, 17:18
Ok so I was having a private race on Imola in the BMW M3 GT's...

There was 3 of us including the A.I, and it was a rolling start after doing practice and qualifying. All connections were good on our parts so connection was not an issue. Please could a Dev have a look at the Clip below and tell me what was going on?

After the 2nd corner in all calmed down... weird.

VIDEO CLIP (http://gameclipscontent-d3008.xboxlive.com/asset-eac5555d-1500-80c4-70c9-f1e4f8bbf580/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2013-08-15&sr=c&sig=3dPEX0o2HTxnzKee4XLdJKnducEFTqJPT0rzekD83zM%3D&st=2015-05-12T17%3A09%3A23Z&se=2015-05-12T18%3A14%3A23Z&sp=r&__gda__=1431454463_e8fecc253c12078f35223b252fbc7b91)

It was a shame because through practice and qualifying it was all good. This start to the race really ruined it for all of us.

FTW Leceur
12-05-2015, 17:27
Have seen strange starts myself, cars on each other for instance or dropping from the sky.
See below clip. At the start 1 car is on it's top and the other is facing the wrong way:


12-05-2015, 17:29
That just looks like straight up lag.

12-05-2015, 17:34
That just looks like straight up lag.

Yes it does but that's why I said the connections were good. All Green bars going into the session. All 3 of us are running Fibre Optic and live within 4 miles of each other.

FTW Leceur
12-05-2015, 17:37
I have seen this in a solo race with AI, so not online.

Roger Prynne
12-05-2015, 20:19
OP... video does not work for me.