View Full Version : Car crashes!

12-05-2015, 17:36
I try to avoid crashes of course,but sometimes it goes wrong!
This games is all about detail, this are little things maybe, but a detail one!
When i see cars crashes and they make a flip over, the cars stops inmmediatly!
I think that is not realistic on especially high speed crashes, there must be more tuning/room to make a crash more realistic, it's a part of racing!

Max Kelly
13-05-2015, 07:12

21-05-2015, 21:26
I thought that, but in games that didn't do that(stop abruptly) the cars would fly off for hundreds of meters. Some games they do, could have a right laugh smashing minis off padocks hill. It would impede game play horrendously, I've been in some cool pile ups with this game and I've only had it a few days, got the trophy for flying already!