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12-05-2015, 17:53
I know the game suffers on some issues. But the game has a phantastic substance. Here are some features that i miss in the game.
- Friends on Leaderboards
- offline leaderboards for single player. so i know how fast every car was and not only the fastest of the group I've driven.
- save on singleplayer between sessions.
- create individual season on singleplayer
- some tracklimits in singleplayer are to restricted. I lot of cases i have no advantage. But at the other hand some tracklimits are good and realistic.

FTW Leceur
12-05-2015, 17:58
-ability to save multiple tunes for the same car on a single track (for wet and dry races for instance)

12-05-2015, 18:01
-A.I to understand a 'Blue Flag' so when I'm approaching them on the 2nd corner while on a Hot Lap during Qualifying they allow me space through. (They have just come out of the pits BTW)

12-05-2015, 18:05
Guys I'm going to move this to the Feature Suggestions section. A lot of what you have suggested is already cover over there.


21-05-2015, 22:24
Unsafe pit release galore lol. Miner issue, but fun to watch!